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Dedicated to Putting Your Needs Above Everything Else

The market may be complicated, but our value proposition is not — you deserve nothing less than our very best.

We're King Capital Advisors.

A team of financial advisors based out of Houston, TX experienced in navigating today’s ever-changing economy.

We provide wealth management and fixed-income solutions to individuals and families, as well as large institutions and businesses.

From helping you plan for your retirement to designing an investment portfolio with your unique goals in mind, we work diligently every day to set a new standard for financial planning services — one that doesn’t simply resolve issues or prevent future ones from occurring, but that also puts you years ahead of your peers and competitors.

Our vision is simple: Seize opportunities in the market to structure the legacy you desire.

King Capital Advisors was founded in 2006 by our President and CEO Jeff Van Wart. After managing portfolios for corporate wealth management clients since 1990, his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for excellence led him to take his vision and turn it into reality.

Today, we’re a dedicated team of advisors who are there by your side through whatever obstacles may arise. As the economy changes, we’re here to help you navigate every decision so you build and maintain a stable foundation for your future.

Let our advisors' with a 187 combined years

of industry experience help guide you.

Individuals & Families

Our customized wealth management solutions — from investment management to estate planning — can help you, your spouse and your family look forward to the future. We’ll provide a clear road map of the opportunities available to you as you grow and preserve your wealth, as well as ensure our services continuously align with your current needs and future goals.

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As an independent firm we have access to bond trading desks across the nation that offer a wide range of innovative fixed income products we can strategically use to complement your portfolio. Our fixed income team focuses on building tax-efficient long-term returns while seizing market inefficiencies to provide better risk-adjusted returns for your business.

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