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For over three decades, Jeff Van Wart has been fully invested in providing customized investment portfolios for high net worth individuals and institutions. Jeff started King Capital Advisors, Inc. in 2006 and became a registered principal with Cantella & Co., Inc., a Boston based broker/dealer established in 1952 that provides services and support to independent representatives.

Prior to expanding the Houston branch, Jeff held various portfolio management and analyst positions in the financial services industry with companies such as Oppenheimer, INVESCO and Lehman Brothers, as well as served as an executive officer at various financial firms.

He began his financial services career in accounting for a public fund investment portfolio where he eventually managed all of the fund’s assets. Jeff is able to take his deep love of research to construct portfolios that address the specific needs of his clients. His specialty is in fixed income analytics.

Jeff combines his knowledge of cyclical trends with in-depth research of specific corporations or municipalities to select appropriate investments. He focuses heavily on a risk/reward analysis of each position and the impact of each holding in relation to client's entire portfolio.

Jeff is a firm believer in asset allocation and utilizing a team to provide the best possible services for his clients. He works closely with accountants, estate planners and insurance professionals to ensure that when it comes to questions about money, he may not know all of the answers — but he knows where to find them.

Attention to detail has made Jeff a sought-after asset throughout his career. He recently served on the Integrity Bank Board of Directors as chairman of the Asset-Liability Committee and also serves on their Executive Loan and Strategic Planning Committee. He also held similar positions with Royal Oaks Bank prior to their merger with First Bank.

A devoted husband and father, Jeff and his wife of 33 years, Linda, are enjoying seeing their children Jay, Elaine and Carson mature into adults. Throughout their childhoods, Jeff remained very active in youth athletics, whether it was coaching the local AAU basketball team or offering his organizational skills to help manage local sports groups.

When he is away from the markets, Jeff is an active outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, ranching and horseback riding, as well as remains active in civic basketball leagues. Jeff is also an ordained minister and has performed wedding ceremonies both in the U.S. and Europe.

Jeff holds the following Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) registrations: 7, 24, 63 and 65. Jeff has been named by Texas Monthly as a Five Star Wealth Manager.